• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time

Commissioner of NHRC has been attending a civil lawsuit in Malaysia

The civil lawsuit of murdered Mongolian citizen against the Malaysian government has finally started in Kuala Lumpur on 22 January 2019. Commissioner Oyunchimeg Purev has been attended the hearing as a proxy of the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia. It has been a very long outstanding case and reportedly, the hearing will last for two weeks.

Commissioner Oyunchimeg Purev told reporters after attending the court proceedings, “Our Commission has been actively working with Altantuya’s family for the past 12 years after her “sudden, tragic” death in 2006, and I have come from Mongolia to observe Malaysia’s justice system.”

“Whether it’s a Mongolian citizen or Malaysian citizen, a human life is the most precious of them all. Therefore, this is not only an issue between Mongolia and Malaysia, the whole world who is looking for justice is watching us today.

“I strongly believe that today’s justice system in Malaysia will prove that justice will win after all. I hope the Malaysian justice system will compensate the victims’ claims and not only follow the local laws, but also the international conventions they have joined into,” she added, having noted that both Malaysia and Mongolia are part of the United Nations whose members are obliged to follow international conventions.

Counsellor Byambasuren Guntevsuren from the Embassy of Mongolia based in Thailand was also present at today’s court proceedings.

Source: https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2019/01/22/altantuyas-son-dead-amid-12-year-wait-for-lawsuit-father-to-testify-tomorro/1715234?fbclid=IwAR1UBj8zeDBFG1BTOgjwhsO-VT3SAL8ZhuvdBCbaXNHq5s9CrTvGd84nmoM