• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time

The Government and NHRCM to cooperate for the promotion of human rights-oriented society

Mr.Amarbayasgalan Dashzegve, Minister of Mongolia and Head of Government Secretrariat, visited the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia (NHRCM) on the 2nd of September 2022. At the beginning of the meeting, he emphasized the important role of the national human rights institution in making progress in undertaking legal reform based on human rights in conformity with the requirements, ensuring opportunities for everyone to enjoy their rights equally, and implementing human rights standards at every level for the construction of a society that respects human rights and freedom and expressed his willingness to cooperate closely.

Khunan Jargalsaikhan, Chief Commissioner of the NHRCM emphasized that in order to develop a culture of human rights in Mongolia, the first priority is to include human rights issues in the curriculum of all levels of educational institutions, and it is necessary to create a special unit within the structure of the Government Secretariat to prepare reports on the implementation of international human rights treaties that Mongolia is a party to and to supervise the implementation of the recommendations issued by the UN human rights treaty committees to the Government of Mongolia. He also said as the NHRCM is giving the first priority to the economic, social and cultural rights of citizens within its strategic plan for 2022-2025, he is confident that the government will support and cooperate with it.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Amarbayasgalan Dashzegve highlighted that when human rights and duties are understood at a high level, justice will be established in the society and public policy decisions will be made correctly. He also said the Government will aim at ensuring gender equality, protecting the rights of children, women and people with disabilities, and at the very least creating conditions for citizens to receive services from government organizations without any obstacles, and creating a friendly environment for people with disabilities, especially starting from the workplace by placing human rights at the center of the state policy.

The meeting was attended by Commissioners S. Dondov, Kh.Munkhzul, G. Narantuya, D.Sunjid, and B.Enkhbold, Commissioner on the prevention of torture Ya.Tselmen, Director of Secretariat Ts.Adiyakhishig, Advisor to the Head of Government Secretariat U.Amarbat, advisor on human rights policy B.Bolorsaikhan, and Director of Innovative Policy Institute Kh.Baasanjargal.