• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time

National Human Rights Comission of Mongolia 2020 Human Rights Day Message

Warm greetings from the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia on the Human Rights Day, which commemorates the adoption of the Universal Human Rights Declaration.

Human Rights Day is celebrated under a certain theme on this date of every year. This year whole world is celebrating under the theme ‘Recover better – Stand up for human rights’ by reminding all the importance of mainstreaming human rights principles in every policy and action to overcome Covid-19 pandemic and ensuring that every decision is made and implemented with equal participation without leaving anyone behind. In pandemic circumstance some human rights can be restricted on grounds stipulated in relevant legislation only if there are secure conditions and opportunities that can meet minimum requirements of human dignity and safe and healthy environment without failing one’s duties and responsibilities to uphold human rights and freedoms, and human diversity. In this period of global hardships, it shall be important contribution from our part if we all adhere to the principle of ‘respecting others’ rights as well demanding one’s own rights,’ refrain from discriminating against others, and approach any matter with sense of responsibility.

This year has seen some progresses such as the enactment of the revised Law on the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia, public and transparent process of selection and appointment of Commissioners, and establishment of the national mechanism for the prevention of torture.

National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia hereby expresses its increased commitment to closely collaborating with all relevant parties by overseeing the implementation of human rights norms and standards stipulated in the Constitution and laws of Mongolia and treaties which Mongolia is a party to, and by increasing its effort to ensure that every person enjoys one’s rights and freedoms. We are confident that general public, public and private sectors, and businesses will cooperate with us and provide support for our effort.

Let’s stand up for human rights of everyone everywhere every time!