• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time

Advisory Board of the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia

According to the Law on the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia, the Commission can have an advisory board consisting of representatives from civil society organizations that work on human rights issues. The board plays an important role in ensuring the multilateral representation in the Commission’s activity.

The first advisory board was founded on 4 March, 2002, and consisted of representatives of 11 organizations such as Amnesty International Mongolia, National Anti-Violence Center, and Mongolian Human Rights Center. New rules and regulations and the members of the Advisory Board of NHRCM were approved in April 2014. According to the rules and regulations of the Board, the members of the Board were newly appointed on 4th December 2017 as a renewal of the Board members takes place every three year.


  • B. Javzankhuu - Child Rights (Director of Child Rights' Training and Study Center)
  • A. Anudari - Women's Rights (Director of Women for Change NGO)
  • M. Chinzorig - Men's Rights (Member of Board of the Mongolian Men's Federation)
  • Ch. Undrakh - Youth Rights (Director of Princess Centre)
  • D. Gerel - Rights of Persons with Disabilities (President of the Mongolian National Federation of Blind)
  • D. Myagmardorj - Health and Reproductive Rights (Executive Director of Youth Health Centre)
  • D. Erdenechimeg - Environment, Mining and Human Rights (Program Manager of Open Society Forum)
  • P. Byambatseren - Elders' Rights (Vice President of Mongolian Elders' Federation and Director of Secretariat)
  • D. Tungalag - Education and Human Rights (Coordinator of All for Education, National CSOs Coalition)
  • S. Ainagul - Rights of Ethnic Minority (Head of Kazakh Women Arular Federation)
  • G. Galtaikhuu - Rights of Ethnic Minority (Head of Galsan Foundation)
  • E. Enkhmaa - Rights of LGBTQI community (Health Program Manager of LGBT Centre)
  • B. Altantuya - Human Rights in Detention Institutions (Executive Director of Amnesty International Mongolia)
  • Ts. Otgontungalag - Trade Union (Head of Labour and Social Policy Department of Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions)
  • D. Narmandakh - Employers' Association (Advisor to President of the Mongolian Employers' Federation )
  • Kh. Batkhishig - Media and Human Rights (Vice President of the Confederation of Mongolian Journalists)
  • S. Demberal - Religious Rights (Tutor at Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies of School of Arts and Sciences of National University of Mongolia).