• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time

Chief Commissioner delivers a recommendation to the Prime Minister

Chief Commissioner Byambadorj Jamsran delivered a recommendation to Altankhuyag Norov, Prime Minister of Mongolia, on the safety of child jockeys on 8 August 2013 in connection with the horse race ‘Mongol horse-3000,’planned to be organised in Hui Doloon Khudag for Guinnes record.

Through the recommendation Chief Commissioner reminded to account potential threats and risks to the safety of life and health of the child jockey and to take all the necessary measures to prevent from accident during the race. In addition, the Chief Commissioner warned the organizers in the event that there occur crimes and accidents that harm the life and health of the child jockeys and violate their rights, the Commission will litigate to the Court to make the organizers and the government authorities that are in charge of the organization of the race compensate for the incurred damages to the child jockeys. Copies of the recommendation were also delivered to the General Police Department, Federation of Mongolian Horse Racing Sport and Trainers.