• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time

Child protection issues being raised during COVID-19 pandemic

NHRCM Commissioners held online meeting with Mr. Alex Heikens, Representative of the UNICEF in Mongolia on 14 January 2021. During the meeting, Mr. Alex Heikens said that it was important for health care workers to be ready during COVID-19, not to leave their children alone at home when there was an immediate lockdown. Hence, UNICEF sent two sets of documentation, including a guidance for employers on how to better prepare their staff and their children in case of an immediate lockdown. He also expressed his concern on right to education for children.

The NHRCM has started addressing the issues raised during the online meeting. For instance, Commission is to made comment on “Standard Operating Procedures of Child protection during COVID-19” which UNICEF delivered to the Deputy Prime Minister, and oversee its implementation.

Approval and implementation of this procedure will potentially resolve a number of issues, which include decreasing child rights violation during the pandemic, preventing children from being left at home alone, and making Commission’s recommendation delivered to the State Emergency Commission come into effect.

Parties agreed to cooperate in ensuring the implementation of recommendations provided by the UN Human Rights Treaty-based bodies and conducting inquiries in detention centers and other relevant places.