• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time


On the 26th and 27th of October 2021, the National human Rights Commission conducted an inquiry on the treatment and service conditions of the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) and status of the employees’ labour rights. The inquiry was conducted by a Working group headed by the Commissioner G. Narantuya and composed of NHRCM staff members and representatives of Specialized inspection organization, and contracted consultant of the project implemented at the NHRCM within the scope of cooperation between NHRCM and WHO.

The inquiry covered 32 issues in 5 areas, and ensured that the equipment, drugs, and medical supplies of the SMC were adequately stored, and that the wards were functioning, in good condition, and that the patients were free from physical, emotional, economic, and sexual harassment and violence, whether access to health and treatment information is provided in a comprehensive way, patient turnover, access to family, spending of the caregiver’s social welfare pension, measures taken to protect personal privacy, and the use of isolation and mitigation measures for the mentally ill, the use of sedatives, injections, supervision, and involuntary treatment for the mentally ill, that the activities of the verification commission and the conditions under which the court imposes compulsory medical measures, the measures taken to prevent and control the spread of the covid-19 epidemic and the implementation of the labor rights of the NCMH’s doctors and employees.


Moreover, the meeting addressed the state policy on mental health protection negatively affecting the activities of the SMC, conflicts or deficiencies identified during the examination, its reasonings, results, methods on suppressing and improving them, and also further cooperation. In addition to that, the NHRCM decided to submit proposals to the Parliament and the government to ensure opportunity for the NCMH to operate in accordance with its purpose by establishing a nursing home for the mentally ill, to renew the National Program for the Protection of Mental Health, and to improve the legal environment and functional procedures for the implementation of compulsory medical measures, and to deliver Commissioner’s demand and a recommendation of the Specialized Inspector to the NCMH to correct the shortcomings in the activities of the NCMC. The NHRCM also highlighted the measures taken by the NCMH’s management and the Ministry of Health to improve the environment, treatment, services, working conditions of the medical staff, increase their salaries/bonuses, and develop a policy and other research in the field of mental health.

The Commission is conducting inquiry into the implementation of the right to health protection, access to medical care, and the human rights situation in the health sector.