• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time

Commissioners take an oath

In connection with the expiry of a term of office of Commissioners of the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia, the State Great Hural adopted Resolution 14 on the appointment of new Commissioners on 31 January 2013. National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia consists of three Commisioners, each of whom, according to its Law, shall be a Mongolian citizen of high legal and political qualification, with appropriate knowledge and experience in human rights, with a clean criminal record and who has reached the age of 35.

For the term of 2013-2019, Mrs.Oyunchimeg Purev and Mr.Ganbayar Nanzad were appointed as Commissioners. They took an oath office and started their term on 6 February 2013. As for P.Oyunchimeg, it is her second term.

Commissioners exercise powers such as putting forward proposals on any human rights-related issues, giving recommendations and/or proposals on whether laws or administrative decisions are in conformity with the key human rights principles,  putting forward proposals on the implementation of international human rights treaties and/or drafting of Government reports, participating in the advisory capacity in sessions of the State Great Hural or in meetings of the Government Cabinet at the request of the Speaker of the State Great Hural or the Prime Minister, conducting research on human rights issues, and referring to the officials or authorities with law-initiating competence their proposals with regard to improving the legislation.