• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time

Decision has made to provide compensation to a victim of a human rights violation

On 15 January 2013, citizen E. who resides in Ulaan-Uul soum of Khuvsgul province, lodged a complaint to the NHRCM alleging that she was a victim of false accusation and investigation of a serious crime.  As a result of her prolonged pre-trial detention she suffered physical and mental damage.

Citizen E was held in pre-trial detention center for 68 days and investigated for 5 years under clause 148.3 of article 148, a special category of the Criminal Code. Finally the court proved her innocence.

Following the court’s decision, the NHRCM undertook investigations with regards to the complaint and in March 2013, on behalf of the victim, the NHRCM filed a case to the inter-soum court of Khuvsgul province based on the findings.The NHRCM found  that her rights guaranteed in the Constitution had been gravely violated.

As a result of the NHRCM’s findings, the Court representatives including Mr. Erdenebat L., judge, Mr. Davaasuren Ch., judge, and Ms. Uranchimeg S made a decision to compensate the victim with about 65 million MNT (Mongolian currency “Tugrug”) from the Government surplus fund in line with Clause 5.4.7 of Article 5 of the Law on Special Government Fund on 10 April 2013.