• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time


Ganbayar Nanzad, Commissioner
Place of birth: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Year of birth: 1953
Profession: Lawyer and politics

Graduated from:

  • Secondary school No 24 in Ulaanbaatar
  • Faculty of Law, University of Irkutsk, and Irkutsk University of Politics in 1976.

Academy rank:

  • Master of Laws


  • Instructor and a head of division in the Supreme Court and a member of the Supreme Court from 1976 to 1984
  • Chairman and Arbitrator General in the Ulaanbaatar City Court from 1984 to 1987
  • Senior instructor in the Central Committee of the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party from 1987 to 1990
  • Member of the State Baga Khural and Chairman of the Standing Committee on legal affairs from 1990 to 1992
  • The First Deputy Minister of Culture from 1992 to 1993
  • Prosecutor General of Mongolia from 1993 to 1999
  • Advisor to the Minister of Justice from 1999
  • Executive Secretary in the General Council of the Court from 2000 to 6 February 2013
  • Commissioner of National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia since 7 February 2013


  • State Prime Legal Counselor in 1993
  • Jubilee Medal "60 Years of People’s Revolution” in 1981
  • Order of Red banner of Labour in 2000
  • State Councilor first class in 2000
  • Jubilee Medal "80 Years of People’s Revolution” in 2001
  • Order of Sukhbaatar in 2006
  • Jubilee Medal "800th Years of the Empire of Great Mongolia” in 2006
  • Honoured Lawyer of Mongolia in 2012.