• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time

“Human rights open day” in Orkhon (March 27-29, 2013), Selenge (March 25-26, 2013) Darkhan-Uul (March 18-19, 2013) aimags

NHRCM’s Chief Commissioner and its working team have organized a "Human rights open day” in several aimags in order to conduct inquiry at public offices and to monitor the implementation of human rights on-site, and also the working team received some complaints from individual persons and gave them corresponding legal advices.

On the bases of the conclusion of received complaints from individuals and communities in those three aimags, we can see the following main problems:

  • Domestic violence and its consequences. Incapability of local authorities and communities to face and deal with it. In particular there is no place to go and ask for protection for those who are experiencing domestic violence.
  • Inappropriate behavior of public officers. Some of their ethic and moral values do not correspond to standards.
  • Misuse of social and pension deposits with subsequent cause of pecuniary losses to those who worked in some state factories in Selenge aimag.
  • Public servants are suffering from discrimination based on their political views. This causes instability in providing social services for population.
  • It is widespread that inter-personal relationship defines their business/working relationship and causes violations of labour rights.