• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time

“Human rights open day” is held in local areas on yearly basis

The Commission has been conducting "Human rights open day” activity in order to promote implementation of standards, policies and decisions regarding human rights standards since 2002 to reach rural areas without its representative office, since May 2002. It was organized in Bayanhongor aimag for the first time and became a regular activity of the organization.

Following activities are organized during the "Human rights open day”:

  1. Raise the awareness of given aimag or soum’s public officials regarding government policy and protection of human rights in local area;
  2. Monitor activities of jails, detention centers and military bases.
  3. Increase awareness of population regarding human rights and get their feed back;
  4. Receive complaints from citizens regarding human right violations and provide legal counseling;
  5. Review actions of aimag and soum governors whether their decisions have violated the human rights;
  6. Organize human right trainings for the local public officers;
  7. Increase public awareness through local media of the activities of the National Human rights Commission.

During 2002-2009, Commission has conducted " Human rights open day” activity for 45 times in average for 2-3 times in all 21 aimags and or 1-2 times in 80 soums through Mongolia which involved over 4500 people of 664 organizations for more than 700 hours human rights training.