• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time

“Media and Human Rights” regional training conducted in Khentii aimag

The Mongolian National Human Rights Commission conducted training on "Media and Human Rights” in Chinggis, Batnorov and Norovlin soums, Khentii aimag during 25-28 May, 2018 in cooperation with the Sustainable Artisanal Mining project of the Swiss Development Agency.

The training attempts to improve understanding of human rights issues for local journalists, build human rights attitude and prepare journalists specialized on artisanal mining and human rights. Participants represented the local Human Rights Commission staff from Khentii, Dornogobi, Dundgobi and Tuv aimags, and Sub-Committee of Mongolian Artisanal Association. Part of relevance of the training aimed at strengthening cooperation among public media channels. Therefore, 35 members of the "Journalism for Human Rights” club under the National Human Rights Commission and other aimags such as Umnugobi, Dornogobi, Dundgobi, Tuv, and Khentii.

The substance of the training emphasized on human rights issues prevalent in mining areas, raise awareness of public on human rights violations, advocate for good mining practices and internationally recognized artisanal mining association with extraction license, NGOs and community activities and as well as improve knowledge on existing laws and regulations related to artisanal mining.

First two of the training was carried out in Chinggis in class room discussions about human rights theory. The visits to the artisanal mine site of fluorspar in Batnorov and Berkh villages and gold mine site in Norovlin soum allowed the last days of the training to get to know lives of people working in the mine sites. Participants from eastern and gobi regions actively involved in the "Journalism for Human Rights” training conducted in Ulaanbaatar. They expressed their interest and commitment to work on human rights issues and raise public awareness.

The next training venue is Mandal soum, Selenge province. The "Media and Human Rights” training is planned during 28-30 June 2018 in cooperation with the Sustainable Artisanal Mining project of the Swiss Development Agency and the Mongolian National Human Rights Commission.