• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time

Meeting for university teachers to share their experiences in teaching human rights subjects

Providing a human rights education at all levels of training and education programmes, asides schools, is vital for creating economic, social and cultural environment in which people can enjoy their human rights and freedoms. Human rights education refers to activities of training, promotion and advocacy which aim to create an universal human rights culture. The university teachers have exchanged information and experiences on how to provide effective and accessible human rights awareness and knowledge through formal and informal education system.

The National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia has organized a meeting for university teachers to share their experiences in teaching human rights subjects on 28 February 2019. This event served as a platform for the university teachers to exchange their good practices, to reach a common understanding on human rights subject contents and terms through identifying gaps, to improve the quality of training, methodology and tools, and to strengthen their cooperation as well as to identify solutions and ways to tackle challenges in teaching human rights subjects.

The meeting conveyed over 20 representatives from various universities and education institutions including Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Academy of Management, National University of Mongolia, Mongolian State University of Education, National University of Medical Sciences, National Intelligence Academy, Law Enforcement University, University of Science and Technology, University of Agriculture, Tushee College, Shikhikhutag University, Otgontenger University, Ulaanbaatar University and International University of Ulaanbaatar.