• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time

Monitoring the implementation of the Law on Promotion of Gender Equality

Commissioners Sunjid Dugar and Munkhzul Khurelbaatar, and Ikhtamir Togookhuu, the Head of the Complaints and Inquiry division of the NHRCM conducted inquiry into the implementation of the Law on Promotion of Gender Equality in Sukhbaatar and Khentii aimags from September 5 to 10, 2021.

Within the framework of the inquiry, the Commission reviewed and examined the implementation of the Demand(s) and Recommendation(s) issued by the NHRCM, status of inclusion of relevant norms stipulated by the Law of Mongolia on Civil service and Law on Promotion of Gender Equality on internal labour regulations, implementation of National program on Promotion of Gender equality, decisions that have been made to discharge and/or discriminate based on gender in labour relations.


Commissioner Munkhzul Khurelbaatar led monitoring and evaluation of the Joint team on Combating Domestic and Child Violence in cooperation with the National Center against Violence to review functions of Joint team on early detection and elimination of violence, challenges and need for further improvement.