• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time

The NHRCM to investigate the allegations of sexual harassment and violations of the right to liberty and security of a person

On 11 April 2021, Citizen C posted a statement on social media that a prominent member of the State Great Hural had violated her right to liberty, and she was sexually harassed by that person. Afterward, allegations and information about sexual harassment, sexual violence, and threats against women working in organizations headed by MP Ts. Anandbazar started to circulate online.

According to Mongolian law, the investigation of a case and the protection of witnesses and victims are carried out after a formal complaint or information has been lodged by a specific individual or authority. The alleged victims, therefore, are urged to file a complaint and cooperate with the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia and the police.

NHRCM demands police and prosecutors to promptly investigate allegations of violence, sexual harassment, and threats against women that are being circulated online and to report the results to the National Human Rights Commission and the public. The NHRCM will actively observe the investigation of these complaints and information, and ensure the safety of witnesses and victims, within the scope of its authority under the law, and will submit proposals for improving the legal environment to relevant organizations and officials.

NHRCM recommends Ts. Anandbazar, Member of Parliament, to express his position and comment on the complaints and information thereof that have appeared online.

NHRCM requests the Parliamentary Committee on Ethics, Discipline, and Accountability, in accordance with the laws and regulations, to conduct a transparent hearing regarding the complaints and available information; if the allegations are proven to be accurate to protect the victims and ensure effective remedy; and to hold the perpetrator accountable for his actions.