• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time

NHRCM local officers attending regional seminars of small scale miners

"Sustainable Artisanal Mining” Project of the Swiss Agency Development and Cooperation in Mongolia started holding seminars among provincial artisanal miners on topic of "Economic contribution of small scale mining to local development.” Local officers of the NHRCM are participating and sharing information in the seminars at invitation.

Seminar of central provinces was held in Darkhan-Uul Province from 14-15 October. Seminar of western provinces has been held in Bayankhongor province from 21-22 October. Artisanal miners of eastern and Gobi provinces will hold their seminars from 28-29 October.

The provincial seminars focuses on providing the stakeholders with accurate information on the economic importance of small scale mining, advertising the benefits that have been provided by this sub-sector so far, and raising knowledge and awareness of the stakeholders on economic aspects of small scale mining.