• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time

Online meeting held on “Rights of Healthcare and frontline workers”

NHRCM Commissioners participated in online meeting “Rights of healthcare and frontline workers” organized by the Amnesty International Mongolia NGO on 2020 December 11.

The online meeting was attended by the Sh.Ankhmaa, Deputy Minister of Health, Dr D.Nyamkhuu, Director General of National Center for Communicable Diseases, B.Narantuya, Director of Center for Health Development, N.Tsogbadrakh, Head of National Center for Zoonotic Disease, and representatives of human rights institutions. Issues regarding infection prevention and control measures, healthcare services and working conditions of healthcare workers were discussed during the meeting.

Mrs. B.Altantuya, Executive Director of Amnesty International Mongolia presented monitoring conducted by the AIM on the matter of rights of healthcare workers during COVID-19 , and she expressed her opinion by saying “We shall protect healthcare workers and ensure safe working conditions for them in order to protect ourselves, the whole community.”

Participants further discussed about human resources, their allocation, preparedness of isolation facilities, particularly in countryside, conditions of healthcare workers and their families, their psychology issues, support services and legal regulations.

Acting Chief Commissioner J.Khunan expressed his gratitude for all healthcare providers and workers and pointed out that the Commission would focus on complaints and information on right to access to healthcare services, services of COVID-19 test centers, infringements discovered during inquiries conducted at the entry and exit posts of the capital. He then emphasized that issue of accessibility of healthcare services to people who live isolated in countryside as well as addressing current issues and taking response measures shall not be left behind.

Commissioner D.Sunjid highlighted the importance of following up the recommendations and proposals provided from the human rights institutions on the matter of equal access to healthcare services and prevention from human rights violations. In addition, she expressed her concern regarding the right to health and right to work of health workers.

Representative from the Ministry of Health introduce their management approaches which they had been using to address difficult conditions and state that they would not leave human rights issues behind.

He then expressed his willingness to cooperate in eliminating infringements arising from poor communication and behavior.