• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time


In this occasion of the international human rights day which is being celebrated throughout the world under the slogan "Stand up for someone’s rightswe wish greater success to human rights defenders, sponsors, supporters, and general public.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights calls for all to protect the rights of every person who is being physically, mentally, and economically harassed and abused and whose dignity is being humiliated at work place, in public place, in public media, in social network, and at home.

No one can be subjected to discrimination and violence for having different appearance, belief, conscience, and sexual orientation from others. Human rights violations that occur and exist in society can not be suppressed only by law enforcement bodies and human rights institutions.

Public participation and support plays a crucial role in fighting against and overcoming human rights violations. Especially, I would like to stress that your participation, support, and appeal is the most important commitment. Therefore, I urge you to stand up without undervaluing your responsibility and contribution to human rights commitment.

Every constructive work and act of yours to address public attention to human rights violations and evil acts by disseminating via social networks, giving warning to others for prevention, launching, supporting, and contributing donations to initiatives and campaigns for human rights brings hope and faith to persons whose rights were violated.

You may face injustices for protecting human rights and standing up for someone’s rights and have to endure threats, assault to your dignity and mental harassment, obstruction in your right and opportunity to information and participation, ignorance of your activity, and discrimination.

However, we can reduce human rights violations and put an end to some forms of it if people of Mongolia generally join cause against these in common voice. Information and communication development based on internet enables all to express their opinions at greater extent. Thus, I urge you to make difference for human rights.

Stand up for someone’s rights now.