• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time

Sunjid Dugar: Education based on human rights will create world citizens and lead to sustainable social development

Within the framework of the “Education for Sustainable Development-II” project, the “Joint Initiatives and Partnerships for Education for Sustainable Development” event was held online throughout the country. Dr. Sunjid Dugar, Commissioner of the NHRCM presented a presentation on "Gender Issues in the education sector."

The current situation in the education sector was assessed, and proposals were made for further gender equality in the education sector.

During her presentation, Commissioner Sunjid Dugar assessed the current situation and suggested that we should work towards ensuring gender equality in the education sector.

According to the Global Gender Gap Report, Mongolia ranks 79th out of 149 countries in 2020. In particular, Mongolia ranks 71st out of 153 countries in the Educational Attainment subindex. The sex ratio of students in the education sector and the enrolment percentage in primary school are similar, however, as the level of education increases, female students prevail, whereas the dropout rate of male students rises.

In terms of the sex ratio of employees in the education sector, teachers and staff are mostly women, while men are more likely to be principals or managers.

The Commissioner highlighted that there is a lack of gender content in the education sector, such as a lack of content in curriculum and textbooks. She also noted that in order to prepare people with human rights education and gender sensitivity, it is necessary to organize regular training for all teachers and staff of educational institutions, analyse the implementation of policy documents, legislation and sectoral policy documents, evaluate the implementation of gender policy of 2017 and to outline the budget sources, to identify the responsible units and to monitor them.