• National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia received A status based on accreditation from ICC SCA for the 3rd time

Training on “human rights and judicial protection” conducted

Judicial General Council organized training on "Human rights and judicial protection” for the purpose of building up human rights theoretical and practical knowledge of judges on 6 April 2017.

The training, which was conducted on respecting and protecting human rights in case proceedings and recognizing and preventing human rights violations, involved judges of criminal, civil, and administrative courts of metropolitan and rural areas and staff of the NHRCM.

Prof. O.Munkhsaikhan, lecturer of the National Universtity of Mongolia, conducted training on topic of "Human dignity and judicial protection”, "Freedom of expression and judicial protection”, and "freedom of demonstration and judicial protection”, and Commissioner Oyunchimeg on topic of "Right to personal safety and judicial protection” and "Basic principles of the right to fair trial”.